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About The Designer

Upcycling and rescuing fabric from the landfill has been a passion of Ecogirl handbag founder Jennifer Jory. She began collecting and reusing high-end designer upholstery samples and remnants nearly 10 years ago and her bags have been featured on the television program Eye on the Bay, in eco-conscious blogs, and in numerous events throughout California. 

When she learned that nearly 10 tons of fabric was destined for local landfills each year, Jennifer knew turning beautiful upholstery and vintage fabrics into functional bags was an easy solution for the environment. She works closely with a local San Francisco couple who are expert craftsmen. Sourcing and manufacturing locally lessens the bags’ global footprint and makes them truly SF made. 

Jennifer’s primary passion is rescuing designer fabric remnants from upholstery manufacturers and workroom floors, material that otherwise was destined for the landfill.