Why I Upcycle Bags

Ecogirl started because I couldn't imagine $200 a yard upholstery samples are discarded into the landfill. As time went on, I began to realize that textile waste recycling has remained stagnant and according to the EPA nearly 85% of textile waste is  discarded.

We seem to be improving with paper and plastic, but there is not a bin to recycle textile waste in our local communities. By reusing and up cycling textiles, we not only keep textiles from taking up space and releasing harmful chemicals as they decompose, we save the precious resources used to make them. To make one pair of jeans, for instance, a manufacturer uses the amount of water it takes for a person to survive for 2.5 years. Let's just say I am hanging onto my jeans and I have some good ideas for handbag designs in 2018. 

If you think about it, consider the unprecedented weather related catastrophes this year in the US alone. I would like to do anything I can to help stop any decomposing chemicals that might be threatening our climate.